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Welcome to KXdesigners / where the creativity, innovation and investigation meet in this multidisciplinary studio contributing a new vision in constant evolution, adding know how and experiences.
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29-April-2009 | 06: 1
Master class in Rapid Manufacturing (2)

29 April 2009
IAAC Mater FAD/ Barcelona/ Spain
Institute for Advanced Architecture

“We delivered a Master class in Rapid Manufacturing at IAAC in Master in Advanced Architecture within Advanced Materials module organized by Mater FAD.
Rapid technologies help architects to create scale models of his projects with high definition, given the opportunity to explore new ways of design.“
 IAAC /// Mater
IAAC /// Mater
27-April-2009 | 06: 1
Master class in Rapid Manufacturing (1)

27 April 2009
IDEC - Elisava/ Barcelona/ Spain
Elisava High School of Design

“In the program of Master in Product Design and Postgraduate in Product Development in IDEC - Elisava, we delivered a Master class in Rapid Manufacturing.
Design with additive technology allows us to cross the boundaries of conventional manufacturing.“
22-April-2009 | 06: 1
Spanish design exhibition in Milan

22 April 22 May 2009
Creación Injuve 2008
Instituto Cervantes/ Milan/ Italy

Injuve 2008 Design Exhibition at Cervantes Institute in Milan during the International Furniture Fair. Our studio shows the lamp «Contents 02» and the heater «Stoevchen».“
27-March-2009 | 06: 1
Exhibition in Casa Pasarela 2009

27 31 March 2009
Casa Pasarela 2009/ hall 5/ stand B09B11
IFEMA/ Madrid/ Spain

“The roaming of Injuve 2008 exhibition shown works by the winners and selected in the annual call of Injuve Awards for Young Creation in Casa Pasarela 2009. Our studio shows the lamp «Contents 02» and the heater «Stoevchen».“
 Instituto de la Juventud
Instituto de la Juventud
07-January-2009 | 06: 1
New Corporate identity

communication design
naming, stationery
Carles Puig. Arquitecte + Associats

“Create an own stamp for an office of architecture, with an identity without logotype and visual resources, a work based in the absence. We designed a system applied to the stationery, a manual of created graphic code to resolve all the elements.“
21-December-2008 | 02: 2
Workshop in Rapid Manufacturing

15-18 December 2008
Elisava High School of Design/ Barcelona
Workshop Pure Creativity

“In occasion of «Pure Creativity Competition» called by Materialise last December, we organized and delivered a workshop at a university in Barcelona to students from last course engineering focused on Rapid Manufacturing, to introduce them in the concepts and possibilities of Additive Layer Manufacturing and to teach “thinking design“ from a new way.“
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