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Welcome to KXdesigners / where the creativity, innovation and investigation meet in this multidisciplinary studio contributing a new vision in constant evolution, adding know how and experiences.
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14-December-2008 | 02: 2
Injuve 2008 Book

Exhibition 2008
Creación Injuve 2008
Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid/ Spain

“The Design Injuve Awards book to young designers 2008 by the Institute for Youth (Ministry of Industry of Spain), includes some works and own texts.“
 Instituto de la Juventud
Instituto de la Juventud
05-December-2008 | 08: 1
Injuve 2008 Exhibition

4 December 2008 11 January 2009
Creación Injuve 2008
Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid/ Spain

Exhibition of works by the winners and selected in the annual call of Injuve Awards for Young Creation. Our studio shown in the design category: lamp «Contents 02», heater «Stoevchen», and images of urban bench «Berta» and street lamp «Hamled».“
25-November-2008 | 08: 1
Research on Rapid Manufacturing

Beca Carta Blanca
FAD (Fostering Arts and Design)

The publication of 2nd edition of “La Incubadora“ program by FAD (Fostering Arts and Design) for diffusion of granted research fellowships, includes our research on Rapid Manufacturing.“
08-October-2008 | 08: 1
Honorary Mention for children´s furniture

3rd Ed. Maria Martinez Otero Furniture Awards
A Estrada/ Pontevedra/ Spain
Maria Martínez Otero Foundation

“We received an honorary mention in the 3rd edition of Maria Martinez Otero Industrial Design Award, the theme of contest was “The child’s universe“. The proposal under « Box » label is a mobile drawer with an aimed for balance between form and function, it is reinforced with graphics resources.“
30-September-2008 | 24: 2
Philips launches « HAMLED »

Architectural Outdoor Lighting
Metal Halide lamps and LED's RGB

“A street lamp with continuous rectangular section, the union disappears between cassette and column. It incorporates metal halide lamps and leds to create a great game of light and color, with sinuous movements of the different created columns.“
Design in collaboration with Franc Fernandez and Artec Design.
29-September-2008 | 01: 1
Aluminium Bench

Urban furniture
dimensions 100 x 75 x 45 cm
Tecam BCN

“A modular piece with dimensions between a bench and a barrier, with a graphical customization, that converts a folded sheet into a product.“
Design in collaboration with Franc Fernandez.
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