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The projects flow of a mixture of disciplines in architecture, design and communication in its different fields, creative processes and scales that are interrelated in each result expanding ours knowledge.
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The studio philosophy

“Our studio philosophy leaves from the application of a series of applicable concepts at the moment to project in all our fields of knowledge, from the continuous observation of the behaviors, attitudes and habits of the society. We try to offer new contributions, to detect new uses, to resolve needs, to interpret reusability, to embed history fragments, to apply environmental criteria, to propose changes of use and to discover or to reinterpret materials.

Ours “know how“ allows us to apply the knowledge practical, theoretical and criteria used in previous projects to resolve future projects, redefining always each decision of the project breaking any assumption.

Our compact structure studio allows us to take care of, to recognize and to personalize each project, from a constant update of information, beyond the present tendencies. The extensive information to our reach, so much historic as present, by the constant update of information allows us to reinforce each project with a research to expand ours know-how.“

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© KXdesigners | “observation“
© KXdesigners | “observation“