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We undertake architecture projects in its different interpretation areas of the space including fields from the miniarchitecture, environmental design, shop design, offices, public spaces,... and others.
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Audiovisual MAC | 2008
environmental design

surface 4000 m2
Fábrica de les Arts Roca Umbert, Granollers
Consorci del Mercat Audiovisual de Catalunya

“The enclosure of the Old textile factory Roca Umbert was transformed by two days to host the International Technology Market and Audiovisual Contents.
The difference in this edition was the extension of the surface, expanding in existing buildings and spaces.“
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© KXdesigners
© KXdesigners
Audiovisual MAC08 | 2007

surface 20 m2
Broadcast 07/ Madrid/ Spain
Consorci Mercat Audiovisual Catalunya, Spain

“A space in a trade fair to present a trade fair, to announce the next edition of Technological fair Audiovisual MAC08.
The proposal resolves an information point, a meeting area, and a warehouse. Stand acts like placard and informative support, its presence in the event is not reduced simply to occupy an assigned space, it wants to mark and to demand its attention.“
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© KXdesigners
© KXdesigners
MAC | 2007
environmental design

surface 3000 m2
fàbrica de les Arts Roca Umbert, Granollers
Consorci Mercat Audiovisual Catalunya, Spain

“The old textile factory Roca Umbert has lodged in the month of April the 8th edition of the MAC, international market about technology and audiovisual contents. The intervention required of a total transformation or an adaptation according to the state of the different buildings from the enclosure and the necessities to satisfy.“
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© KXdesigners
© KXdesigners
Superflux | 2006
urban luminous installation, contest

surface 46 m2
quartier de la Guillotière, Lyon
Galerie Roger Tator, France

“The proposal definition « Briques et lumičre » is the action to create a deliberate landscape to interact with the visitors. Union of ceramic pieces, vegetation and light is determined with the disposition and creation of volumes with bricks that its protect inside trees and throw light around.“
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© KXdesigners
© KXdesigners
Unifamiliar house interior | 2006
singular housing project, under construction

surface 600 m2
Sitges, Barcelona
Private client, Spain

“Project to renew and to reconstruct a deficit or incomplete house, an intervention understood like a functional and space reform. The performances are integrated to seem that the changes have not existed, and it is obtained with precise interventions of arrangement, a reinterpretation of the existing thing.
The project starts off to solve the circulation of the house, in this case in vertical, to be a house of four levels adapted to the rocky topography.“
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© KXdesigners
© KXdesigners
Planet Futbol | FCF | 2006
stand, unrealized project

surface 250 m2
Fira de Barcelona
Federació Catalana de Futbol-FCF, Spain

“The contradiction between free and busy surface created in the stand and the relation with the environment, gives rise to a public square inside a very amassed and dense trade fair, an open environment of relation between exhibitor and visitor.“
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© KXdesigners
© KXdesigners
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