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We interpret the communication as creation and broadcast of information among people through print magazines, corporate identities and branding, packaging, editorial, web design,... and others.
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Sofa’s designer edition | 2001
catalogue, project

furniture catalogue
image and composition design
Joquer, Spain

“Catalogue proposal for a new product line of several designers to promote an innovative image of the mark.“
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Una revista sobre el mundo | 2001

periodical magazine
identity cover and magazine design
Anue (Association the United Nations), Spain

“Magazine of news for the discussion and the reflection on the human rights. An unique design of cover for all the numbers and with a single change of color, creating therefore an image of identity and identification. The interior is printed with two inks, with a grid defined for a marked and ordered model.“
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Anue | 2001
corporate identity

line of communication
logo, promotional brochure and calendar
Anue (Association the United Nations), Spain

“Renovation of the logo and adaptation for different applications and formats. Creation of the informative brochure of the Association (unrealized) and the annual calendar on the celebration of the International Year of the mountains and ecological tourism and the International Year of the fresh water.“
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