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In this section we collect experimentations in art, photography, fashion, painting, drawings,... as a laboratory of indefinite creation, and generator of resources for their later use in the development of concepts and contents.
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Growthobjects | 2010
applied research

nature + additive manufacturing
by KXdesigners + CloneNature

“The « Growthobjects » project began from the capacity to reveal the diversity of possibilities for imitation and reinvention of nature and thus open new perspectives, new solutions and new applications, focusing on the union of DESIGN + SCIENCE (NATURE) + ART by using additive manufacturing technologies.“

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© KXdesigners + CloneNature
© KXdesigners + CloneNature
Materials to Rapid Manufacturing | 2009
book, collaboration

chapter 8/ Materials to Rapid Manufacturing
Materials selection in the design process
Javier Peña Andrés/ Ediciones CPG

“We have collaborate in the Chapter 8 on «Materials to Rapid Manufacturing» with Javier Peña, author of the new book «Selección de materiales en el proceso de diseño» by Ediciones CPG.
The Rapid Manufacturing is the production of products or pieces for end use through the Additive Layer Manufacturing Technology. The computer design and Rapid Manufacturing are a laboratory production, with the sending of a data file of any product to the 3D printer. The potential of RM reaches to multitude fields of application.“
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© KXdesigners
© KXdesigners
Reusability | 2007
furniture, workshop

4x8 feet sheet of plywood
digital fabrication
4x8 Workshop Fab Lab Bcn

“The developed proposal « Reusablility » leaves from a plywood sheet and the use of numerical control machines for the cut of pieces for its later assembly. This technique allows to send the file and to execute the same design anywhere of the world. The sheet solves different necessities and it becomes “transformer“. Therefore the assembly of the pieces of different ways solves several products, as a baby cradle, a pony toy and a rocking chair (proposed concept represents the furniture as an icon).

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© KXdesigners
© KXdesigners
Kaleidoscope | 2006
photography, contest

dimensions 22 x 15 cm
digital photography
6ª Photography Prize Edition Caixa Terrassa

“The collection of three photos is based on the experimentation carried out with the superimposition of a kaleidoscope in the optics. In this case it is the vision through a tree, where the branches and the leaves create a light game, contrast and color, allowing to shape multitude of forms and silhouettes. The resultant abstract mixture increases the unforeseeable factor of the art of the photography.“
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© KXdesigners
© KXdesigners