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Berta Bench / Furniture

urban furniture
A modular urban collection with dimensions between a bench and a barrier. The applied graphic customization converts a folded metal sheet into a product.
Berta bench was designed to create an intended artificial landscape, to interact with people and achieve integration and adaptation to any environment.
The production process uses the potential of the punch machine to define a hole in asterisk form and a pattern with trees.
The intervention of the sun creates reflections and shadows, and the incorporation of LED lights emphasizes the use of color inside the bench. The use of LED lighting helps to increase the safety on public way and welfare and comfort of the people, thinking in social sustainability.
Berta bench solves functional and spectacular installations, also indoors. Even as a serial product, allows customization with the possibility to print different graphic patterns.
Berta bench has extended its possibilities, now is available either as a straight module or bevelled on the left or the right side, thus offering complete freedom of modular composition, as well as with side covers to avoid any side access. Also it lets to include backrest to solve more user experiences, it lets to lean back, or take a relaxed sitting position, like an urban sofa. The last incorporation is a planter version with internal liner, being possible combine benches, benches with backrest and planters in different modular compositions.
Year / 2008
Client / Vilagrasa
Design in collaboration with Franc Fernández (architect).