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Growthobjects / Branding

creative direction, design and implementation
Growthobjects (our alter ego) are a design and engineering team focused on the creation of innovative products and projects through digital fabrication, specially additive manufacturing.
If you see the result of their 3D digital designs are meshes with a lot of triangles, and in 2009 we used that to create the naming and logo. In 2012 we developed the identity with some applications.
From a Delaunay geometric triangular mesh, we extract the logo that it turns and changes, generating different versions. We have created some compositions with the studio’s name, logo, claim and website, to adapt to different applications.
The identity is reinforced by illustrations, that are the result of their 3D generated geometries converted in meshes, the illustrations are used in all communication.
We decide to do all primary identity in black and white to emphasize and homogenize the graphic solution.
Growthobjects generate custom projects and bespoke products, so the packaging solution follows this premise with a custom made approach for every product line.
Year / 2009-2014
Client / Growthobjects