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design and implementation
The creation of a website as a promotional tool to bring to light « KXdesigners Studio » in an international market from the promotion of the website.
The website is launched as an application of internal use to put in order the projects and events and to show the work of this team.
At present (2007) exists different typologies of websites, where save exceptions, the graphic approach doesn’t exist. In other cases the navigation acquires an excessive prominence, requiring a lot of contribution or comprehension by the user.
The project lets to the user to feel control of the vision of the website. The contents are showed in a “box“ format including the text and images of each project, news, publication, among others. The website design is integrated with the navigation, and at same time maintains a coherence and uniformity in the structures and colors of all pages, avoiding to confuse to the user.
Old site
Year / 2007
Client / KXdesigners