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Reusability / Furniture

mounting kit (prototype)
The developed proposal « Reusability » leaves from a plywood sheet and the use of numerical control machine (CNC) for the cut of pieces for its assembly. This technique allows to send the file and to make the same design anywhere of the world. The sheet solves different necessities and it becomes a “transformer“. Therefore the assembly of the pieces in different ways solves several products, as a baby cradle, a pony toy and a rocking chair (the proposed concept represents the furniture like icons).
The reusability according to its utility allows to avoid the disuse, and it’s associated to the will to create global design without obsolescence. The sheet incorporates graphic engravings with the same technology.
The Fab Lab of the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IaaC) in collaboration with the MIT (Center for Bits and Atoms of the Massachussets Institute of Technology) organized workshop “4×8“ to create, to experiment and to make the proposals for « 4×8 design competition ».
Year / 2007
Awards /
Winner of Advanced Division “Most Innovative“
4×8 Design Competition / 2007
Fourth Annual Symposium on Digital Fabrication Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago
Finalist Design for Recycling Award / 2011
ARC Catalan Waste Agency, Barcelona