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Superflux / Environmental Design

urban installation (proposal)
The proposal « Briques et lumière » is an action to create a landscape to interact with the visitors. The union of ceramic pieces, vegetation and light is determined with the disposition and creation of volumes with the bricks that protect inside trees and throw light around.
The constructions are sketched from the deformation of a circle as the basic geometric form that surrounds and associates the trees. The pieces allow to play with their arrangement and combination to adapt to the exhibition space. Elements open and close spaces with their position and create a lots of circulation flows.
The piled bricks create a sequence of holes as a lattice to let casual or intended luminous projections, and the result is a carpet of colour lights with a lots of shades.
The installation suggests an environmental conscience between city (brick) and nature (tree), and a break to think about sustainability (light).
Surface / 46 m2
Location / Quartier de la Guillotière (Lyon, France)
Year / 2006
Client / Galerie Roger Tator