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Katia R.Glossmann / 1978
art director
Graduated in Design by Elisava School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona in the 2000, and in Arts Applied and Artistic Positions by the Official School Llotja in the 2004. In the 2006 she makes a postgraduate in design and management of interactive projects in Eina School of Design.
Throughout the years of formation and collaboration her more outstanding facet has been the capacity of adaptation to each project of any discipline, and she began to be considered like multidisciplinary designer. In her beginnings she collaborated with architects and designers in several projects, and later since the 2000 until 2005, she had been working as part of the Estudi Arola team, collaborating in a multidisciplinary way in interiors, industrial and graphic design, in projects of exhibitions, offices, shops, restaurants, and others.
In the intense years in the Estudi Arola, some of her outstanding collaborations in design of ephemeral spaces were the exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci y la música” in Madrid, Pamplona and Tenerife, exhibition stands for “Troll Lighting“ in the fair of Milan and the “Innoval“ space in the Alimentaria fair of Barcelona, among others. In the field of interior design it’s possible to emphasize her contribution in several projects in the city of Barcelona like the new “La Caixa“ banking offices, “Mit-Mat Mamá“ prenatal clothes stores, “Oven“ restaurant, “Royalty“ shoes stores, among others. Due the reduced size of the team and their long stage, she was always maintained close to the industrial and product design projects, like the perfume bottles for “Idesa Perfumes“, lighting lamps for “Santa & Cole“, office furniture for “AG Admitrex“ and sofas for “Temas V “ company, among others. In the 2003 the designer Antoni Arola, together with his team received the National Prize of Spanish Design.
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Xavier Tutó / 1978
creative director
Graduated in Design by Elisava School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona and BA in Design by the University of Southampton in the 2000. Graduated in Arts Applied and Artistic Positions by the Official School Llotja in the 2004.
His experience has taken him to approach to multitude of projects with variation of programs, scales and details and to deal with public or private clients. The extensive scope developed with the years allows him to move comfortably in several creative fields, appearing like multidisciplinary designer. During his professional trajectory he has been collaborating with architects, designers and companies of different disciplines, as the furniture maker Carles Riart and office FFPV Arquitectura.
In the beginnings he passed by the studio of Jonathan Daifuku and the studio of Antoni Arola. Later and throughout four years (2001-2005) along with the designer Carles Riart has collaborated in the development of furniture and lighting for outstanding companies like the company “Grupo T Diffusión (Tramo-Vibia)“, where he took part during a year at the technical department of the company (2002-2003). In other occasions he had also collaborated in the advising product development for companies, as “Cusó Tapiceros“ in the design of sofas or “Zry Productions“ in the design of carpets. Agreeing in the time and jumping from scale he was integrated in the office “FFPV Arquitectura“, where collaborates in projects of architecture, interior and industrial design along seven years (2001-2008), having participated in projects like the “Art Museum Center“ in Huarte, the “City Council and Public square“ in Sant Cugat del Vallès, a housing building in the Forum Barcelona, the “Formiga d’Or-Happy Books“ bookstore in Barcelona, among others.
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